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Public Access Planning

Over the past year, members of the Arch Cape Forest and Rainforest Reserve Advisory Team are participating in a Public Access Planning Process led by  the National Park Service - Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance (NPS-RTCA) Program and in partnership with North Coast Land Conservancy. These meetings discuss public access and associated uses, key issues, opportunities, and challenges that may arise from public access to the Arch Cape Forest property and the neighboring Rainforest Reserve Property. The Advisory Team will also be discussing public access recommendations.

This planning team holds a standing meeting on the second Wednesday of the Month from 9:00 - 10:30 AM. You can find the meeting link in the tab below.

On Thursday, March 30 from 12 - 1:30 PM and Wednesday, April 5 from 10:30 AM - 12 PM, the Planning Team will hold discussions regarding public access to the Arch Cape Forest and Rainforest Reserve. These meetings will be held with the hope of sharing and learning about:

  • Potential public use of the properties.

  • Developing a shared understanding of known historical uses and interim policies.

  • Learning of neighboring land manager policies.

  • Issues, concerns or challenges of each site use.

  • Management tools available.

  • Impact relative to property goals.


During the Planning team's March Meeting, members were able to identify the key issues which they believe should be considered within a Public Access Plan. These issues were compiled from multiple rounds of public comment and staff input from the Arch Cape Water District, North Coast Land Conservancy, and State Agency Representatives. 


You can read the materials discussed during the March Access Planning Meeting in the links below.

Additional materials which were provided for this meeting include the current draft planning framework, which is providing context for the broader Public Access Plan, as well as the full suite of public comments, compiled by the NPS-RTCA 


Public Access Planning

In an effort to gather community perspectives around key issues within the Arch Cape Forest Public Access and Rainforest Reserve Planning Process, the Planning Team will be hosting three public facing meetings in early spring, including a town hall-style meeting.

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