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Timeline of Progress

January 2023

Following recommendation from the Arch Cape Forest Management Committee, three contracts have been approved for bid, focusing on the management of the Arch Cape Forest. Between March of 2023 and September of 2023, active forest management will begin to restore the health of the Arch Cape Forest. At this point all management activity is focused on restoring the health of the forest, and ensuring water quality for the Arch Cape Community, you can read more about it here.

June 2022

On June 9, the district finalized the acquisition of roughly 1,500 acres of forestland with the current owner, Ecotrust Forests II LLC, for $4.7 million. Purchasing the watershed will permanently protect the source of Arch Cape’s drinking water, from the headwaters to the tap. Read the full press release

January 2022

The Arch Cape Forest project is awarded $2 million from the American Rescue Plan through Business Oregon.


December 2021

Recreation planning begins in collaboration with North Coast Land Conservancy and supported  by the National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program.


November 2021

The Multi-Resource Forest Management Plan is adopted.


October 2021

North Coast Land Conservancy purchased the 3,500-acre Rainforest Reserve, adjacent to the Arch Cape Forest


July 2021

The property appraisal conducted. The final, reviewed appraisal is complete in January 2022.


march 2021

Arch Cape Forest project is Awarded $2.5M through the Federal Forest Legacy Program in partnership with Oregon Department of Forestry.


October 2020

The Arch Cape Forest Advisory Committee is convened to develop the
Multi-Resource Forest Management Plan for the property.


September 2020

The Arch Cape Forest Outreach Committee is formed with consultation and support provided by North Coast Land Conservancy. North Coast Land Conservancy begins serving as the Water District's fiscal sponsor for private fundraising for the project.


June 2020

Clatsop County Commissioners approve FY 2020-21 Budget, with $250,000 designated in special projects fund to be used toward match for Arch Cape Forest Forest Legacy Program $1 million grant.


May 2020

Arch Cape Water District (ACWD) enters into Option Agreement with Onion Peak Holdings LLC for purchase of 1,521 acres.


February 2020

Arch Cape Forest project is Awarded $1 M through the Federal Forest Legacy Program in partnership with Oregon Department of Forestry.


January 2020

$30,000 Sourcewater Protection Grant contract executed with Business Oregon and Oregon DEQ to remedy a failing section of road near the community’s main water source. EFM partners on the project to reroute the road, providing greater protection to the water source.


December 2019

The Arch Cape Forest Finance Committee is convened to develop an acquisition and operations financial plan for the property.


November 2019

The Water District secures a $30K Drinking Water Source Protection Grant through Oregon DEQ and Business Oregon to develop the Arch Cape Forest Watershed Plan.


October 2018

Arch Cape Forest Facebook page created.


August 2018

OWEB Stakeholder Engagement grant is acquired for the hiring of an outreach coordinator for  one-year.


May 2018

AC Watershed is the feature tour of the NW Community Forest Forum – bringing 200 industry professionals together to focus on forestry, economy, and environment.


April 2018

The website is developed for public engagement.


November 2017

The first Forest Legacy grant application is submitted


October 2017

A mission statement and public engagement strategy are developed.


April 2017

Arch Cape Water District partners with the nonprofit, Sustainable Northwest, to provide assistance with the project.


January 2017

The Water District begins the partnership with North Coast Land Conservancy to secure 5,000 acres in total for drinking water protection, conservation, forestry, and recreation.


Winter 2016

​Arch Cape Water District begins discussing the idea of community forestry


Fall 2016

Onion Peak Holdings purchases 5,000 acres from Stimson Lumber, acting as a bridge buyer to allow for North Coast Land Conservancy and the Arch Cape Domestic Water Supply District to explore buying the land.


Throughout the process, the Water District has held numerous public meetings, partner meetings, tours, volunteer work parties, and town halls. Mailings and newsletters are also periodically distributed. The website and Facebook page provide additional online engagement.

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