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Update From the Access Planning Team

Over the past half year, the Arch Cape Forest and Rainforest Reserve Access Planning Team has worked closely to establish the future of access to the Arch Cape Forest, and the neighboring Rainforest Reserve. With the support of the National Park Services – Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, the Team designed a decision-making process to better reflect how the Arch Cape Forest and Rainforest Reserve is being used by local property owners, rate payers, and visitors to the site specifically.

The official public access plan, containing access recommendations between both the 1,500 acre Arch Cape Forest and the 3,500 acre Rainforest Reserve Properties is poised to be released in Late Summer of 2023. This plan and process will consider the perspectives of the Arch Cape community members, Cannon View Park water users, North Coast Land Conservancy (NCLC), and additional adjacent land managers. The intention of this planning process is to facilitate access plans which balances the intention of the Arch Cape Forest with its neighbors and partners in conservation. While originally anticipated to be complete in early 2023, the complexity of issues has led to a longer timeline ending by fall.

We’d like to thank each the participants from the Arch Cape Forest Advisory Committee who lent their experience and expertise to the process thus far, and specifically thank Dale Mosby and Charlotte Blakesley for their ongoing work in the access planning process.

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