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Public Access: Town Hall

On Earth Day (Saturday, April 22) over 40 Arch Cape Community members came together to learn more about the public access planning process, and provide input on what additional considerations around public access for the Arch Cape Forest should be taken. The meeting featured a short presentation from the two National Parks Service Staff, who updated the community on the process to this point, the current status of the property usage, and the materials available to identify what neighboring landowners advise regarding public access. Following this brief presentation, the attendees were separated into smaller groups, to give everyone an opportunity to share their experiences, input on the "informal" access recommendations provided, and provide other potential issues which could arise when developing an access plan for the property.

What was shared during the meeting:

The overwhelming feedback that was received from community members was residents enjoy the access currently available for the Arch Cape Forest, and that a public access plan proposal produced should work to maintain much of the access activities currently available.

Significant concern was shared around increasing the opportunity for parking. Increasing parking to the property would be difficult, based on the entry points, however it would also increase the usage of the site and potential impact to the watershed. To this point, it is unrealistic to increase parking availability around any entrances of the Arch Cape Forest

Additional input was shared around hunting, and the potential stipulations around hunting activities on the property as well as access to the property via E-Bikes. Specifically, if it is necessary to limit the impact that E-Bikes can have deep into the property (or the highest elevation portions of the property likely inaccessible by foot for most people).

Thank you to everyone who was able to take time out of their Earth Day to participate in the Public Access Planning Process for the Arch Cape Forest.

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