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Forest Access Planning Discussion Summary

The March 30 Arch Cape Forest and Rainforest Reserve Access Planning Advisory Team Discussion was quite productive - thank you for everyone who was able to join!

Led by the Advisory Team Members and National Parks Service Staff, the meeting covered a wide array of potential uses for the Arch Cape Forest. The discussion was able to highlight where the two upcoming meetings should focus, and what future public access items should not be prioritized, based on current usages, behavior, and community interest. The April 5 access planning discussion will return with a stronger focus on the items identified as public access priorities or areas that "needed more information" prior to any usage proposals being made.

The areas which garnered more attention during this meeting included:

  • Hunting: Specifically the impacts of non-predator (Elk, Buck) hunting and how it effects neighboring communities along Highway 101. Additional conversation was proposed around predator hunting, what has taken plan historically on the site and on neighboring properties.

  • Use of E-Bikes: Specifically around how E-Bikes are able to increase healthy ways to access to inaccessible natural areas (steep upper reaches of the forest). Conversation was had around different types of E-Bikes and the weight and soil displacement possible based on Class level or "power" of bike.

  • Foraging: Specifically around what foraging took place historically (within prior ownership by Stimson) and time immemorial by the Clatsop and Nehalem-Tillamook Tribes. Understanding the impact of foraging on the site, and it's potential to lead users off trails was discussed during this portion of the call.

These topics will inform the April 5 meeting discussion, and help inform the first Public Access Plan Draft.

April 5 Discussion: The Advisory Team has invited Paul Atwood, North Coast District Wildlife Biologist with ODFW to lead a conversation on the impacts of hunting to water quality and more. You can find the link and more information on this meeting on the Public Access Planning Page, and Arch Cape Water District Website.

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