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Arch Cape Forest Fall Newsletter

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Read more to learn about all of the exciting updates which have taken place following the Arch Cape Water District's Purchase of the Arch Cape Forest.

After 6 years of work, the Arch Cape Community has successfully purchased the Arch Cape Community Forest!

June 9, 2022

The Arch Cape Domestic Water Supply District purchased 1,441 acres of coastal forest above Arch Cape. The purchase was made possible through $5.5 million in federal funding, $250,000 in Clatsop County funding, and nearly $300,000 in community support.

This incredible milestone would not have been possible without the noteworthy support of the Arch Cape Domestic Water Supply District's partners, funders, and individual donors. This includes countless hours of volunteer efforts from our board and committee members, our pro bono attorneys at Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt, as well incredible coordination and support from our many partners, including North Coast Land Conservancy (NCLC), Sustainable Northwest, Nuveen Natural Capital, Lewis & Clark Timberlands, and more!

What Now?

Due to our successful fundraising efforts and a lower than expected purchase price, we are able to use the “extra” funds to begin our initial land stewardship planning and work over the coming two years. This also allows us more time to embark on extended financial planning for the site. We hear the community when you say that you are eager to have answers to many important questions, and we pledge to continue our careful public processes to ensure responsible forest management over time.

Access Planning

We are working with the National Parks Service - Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program to engage community members in site access planning.

Following the official purchase of the site, the Arch Cape Forest is undergoing an access planning process. The Arch Cape Forest and Rainforest Reserve Access Committee is composed of 10 community members and partners. These include Arch Cape Advisory Committee and Planning Team members, NCLC staff and board, and neighboring community representatives. The Access Committee Members includes: Charlotte Blakesley (Committee Host), Patricia Noonan, Bob Cerelli, Dale Mosby, Larry Crawshaw, David Dougherty, Melissa Reich, Jon Wickersham, Tom Horning, Kevin Brownlee, and Richard Gibson.

Over the next six months, this committee will gather and offer input on how the Arch Cape Forest should (or shouldn’t) be accessed by the public, and propose a community centric access plan. The committee is meeting on a monthly basis. The meetings take place monthly, with the meeting details and minutes accessible at

Forest Management Planning

The Arch Cape Forest Advisory Committee is working with the contracting forester, Ben Hayes, through Springboard Forestry to design multiple approaches to forest management for the advisory committee to decide upon. This planning is taking place during this coming fall, and through winter of this coming year. More information will be provided on the site’s forest management planning in the coming 6 months. You can stay up to date on the Forest Management Planning at

Additionally, we are coordinating with NCLC to do an ecological road assessment of the Arch Cape Forest and their Rainforest Reserve. This opportunity was provided through an Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) grant to NCLC. The grant will help the Water District better manage the road system for clean drinking water and wildlife habitat.

Arch Cape Forest Video

In partnership with the Northwest Community Forest Coalition, and through the support of the US Forest Service and Arch Cape community members, a video was created sharing the unique benefits of the Arch Cape Forest. This video provides perspectives of residents, and community partners alike.

Celebrating the Forest

Over the past few months, we got to share and celebrate the Arch Cape Forest in a number of ways. these include formal and informal tours of the forest to our project partners, legislators, and community members.

On July 27, 2022, Arch Cape Water District Board Members, Debra Birkby and Linda Murray hosted a community celebration for the official purchase of the Arch Cape Forest. Over 80 community members were able to join to celebrate!

On July 30, 2022, we hosted a tour for Senator Rachel Armitage. She expressed excitement and appreciation for the incredible conservation efforts our community engaged in over the past half decade, and shared works of encouragement for the future of the Arch Cape Forest.

On August 26, 2022, Our project partners with Sustainable Northwest visited the Arch Cape Forest to learn more about the next steps for the site, potential forest management techniques, and the partnership between North Coast Land Conservancy and the Arch Cape Domestic Water Supply.

On September 1, Arch Cape Water and Sanitation District staff, and our partners at Springboard Forestry hosted a site visit with Business Oregon Staff, who helped fund the acquisition and initial management.

On October 5, our Forest Advisory Committee visited the Arch Cape Forest for a hands-on demonstration of pre-commercial thinning with Springboard Forestry. Pre-commercial thinning, also know as Timber Stand Improvement, is done with the intention of increasing the quality of growing timber, rather than just harvesting and selling it.

We hope to see you at events similar to these soon.

Learn More

Attend our monthly board meetings, which are held via Zoom and at the fire hall every third Thursday at 6 p.m. Zoom link available at

You can join our virtual mailing list through the link here. This will connect to to quarterly updates, and upcoming events taking place regarding the Arch Cape Forest.

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