Arch Cape Watershed Acquisition Plan: Business Case Assumptions


Estimated Purchase
Price = $5.35M

  • Estimate based on comparable coastal timberland sale from Lincoln County

  • Includes 3% contingency ($176K)

  • Price reduced for EFM deferred work statement ($326K)

  • Parcel purchase in two blocks: Block I 2021 and Block II in 2023
    (see map below)

  • Final purchase price will not be determined until after property appraisal is completed.


Funding Sources

  • Forest Legacy Program Grants ($3.5M)

  • Clatsop County ($250K)

  • State and Private Grants and Donations ($200K)

  • DEQ ”Green” Loan ($1.39M with $500K forgivable)

  • ACWD levy ($ 0.40/$1,000
    assessed value for roughly $68K per year for 10 years)

  • Timber revenues


Forest Management Operations

  • Harvest Guidelines: 50% to 80% harvest of available trees under current Oregon Forest Practice Act (OFPA). Forecast utilizes 50-year rotation. 

  • Initial harvest: Block I in 2022; Block II in 2024

  • Road maintenance in 2022  

  • Timber stand improvements (old and young) in 2024

  • No contingency included

  • No escalation in costs/inflation included

  • No non-timber harvest revenues or costs included

Business Plan Map.PNG

Business Plan Map